all or nothing. over generalising. mental filter. catastrophizing and minimization. disqualifying the positive. 2 + 2 = 5. emotional reasoning. shouldmusts. labeling. personalization.

            how much of a person am i?

        mind reading + fortune telling = falsity

        yin (choose conjunction) yang perseverating

            let’s not prepare us for falsehoods

            of the yellowstone practice

        you will see my future as a conspiracy

            she says, “then what?”

    present me with the double standard, with the grey between

            what’s said only in the context of others

                free once me

            these are automatic distortions

    bring out the survey monkeys to show me the wood

            i will raise the costs

                and define




degree of insult is the degree of response, the adrenergic degree

even an innocuous injury

anger is the feeling that wants itself

powerless stickiness ad infinitum, baptise me unclean

waking is not for me to handle

falling to sleep is not for me to be successful

this is not the proper way to perceive control

so they are telling me from the couch’s shadow

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