we all carboload,

we all have to stop in traffic,

we all make accidental eye contact,

we’ve all felt mind numb,

we have all looked at ourselves in a locked stall, pants drawn, and wondered why it made us vulnerable.

we are all being gorged by pills, news feeds, scheduling conflicts

(like not wanting to go outside). gorged by personality lies online, gasoline vapor and smog tendrils,

by whatever’s next; yet we all wear blankets for fevers and pick up our cracked-out loved ones from the dentist.

we all lost our shit when bombs got bigger, Mandela died, and we stopped reading more than 140 characters.

we are gorged by all that we aren’t.

we are all sick of cafeteria food.

we all decide whether or not to keep momentos. or people in our lives.

we are all baffled by jeopardy.

we all cry at euthanasias and our father’s funerals.

we are all wrenched by money into forgetting love, knotted by technology into anxious antisocial tendencies.

no one knows death and

we all know this.

we all want sandwiches and to look pretty in a line up.

we all get sucked into our hometowns

and we all get a few chances to prove we’re different from everyone else.

we can all multiply accurately and multiply unintentionally. on multiple occasions,

we all remember old friends and random recipes that haven’t been made in a while.

we all check the weather when it’s raining to see when it’ll stop.

we all carboload, techn-overload, wait-to-load, broken code, sit curltoed, workload, trashload, spend debt-owed, time-slowed, snowed in ice abode, windcold, motherload, crash towed, picture upload, belief node, award bestowed, jean sewed, ten fold carbo load, carbo meaning dehydrated or sleeping in or something else that doesn’t trigger an immune response. just something else to be afraid of together.

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